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Understanding customers and their financial needs is crucial in today’s consumer finance landscape. Knowing how to find hard to reach prospects is an area where Altair has helped many consumer finance, payday loan and specialty lenders.

Altair’s multisource database was built with the financial services industry in mind. In addition to consumer demographics and lifestyle data, we access data from the three major credit bureaus as well as from specialty credit bureaus that compile data on the underbanked. Through our multi-sourced relationships, we have information on 95% of the underbanked population. We provide data, analytics, targeting, strategy, and reporting services and can also provide creative and direct mail production if desired.

When customer data is available, we recommend building custom models that will maximize your return on investment. However, many of our clients with store locations and/or an online presence initially leverage our industry-best shelf models:

• Best Customer Payday Loan Model
• General Payday Loan Model
• Short-term Consumer Installment Loan Model

Pre-Qualified Credit and ITA Programs - Let Altair find new prospects who are credit or ITA worthy for you. Altair’s Credit Pre-Qualifying and ITA programs will remove the guesswork, reduce waste and help you avoid common direct marketing pitfalls. We can help you make the most of your marketing dollars by: Identifying prospects who currently hold a high interest rate on […]

Financial Reporting and Analytical Solutions - In a fast-moving world, Altair gets you the critical information you need, when you need it. Reporting To succeed in this financial landscape, you need robust, relevant information delivered fast so you can react quickly. Altair’s business intelligence tool does just that, click here to interact with our live reporting samples! Instead of a “micro […]

Predictive Modeling - Understanding your customer’s needs is essential, and Altair can help you see your customers like never before. Consumer finance companies have always been customer-centric. But it could be that there are more and better ways to view your current customers and prospects. However, many have struggled to capitalize on their internal data assets to fully […]

Case Study: Financial Short Term Loan Lender Achieves Stellar Results with Altair - Altair has helped many consumer finance clients achieve increased ROI. Call 615.468.6800 to find out how we can do the same for you!  

Altair’s Payday Loan Models - Altair’s Payday Loan Models help you reach hard to find prospects and improve performance right out of the gate. Call 800-241-6631 to improve your direct marketing response rate.