Predictive Modeling

Altair’s dimensional view of your customers/members and their behavior can revolutionize your marketing.

Altair goes beyond the “who” and looks at the “why” of customer/member behavior to find out “where and what” your customers/members and prospects are looking for and what they’re likely to do next. This type of understanding is invaluable, whether you want to gain new customers/members or cross- or up-sell to your current ones.

Predictive modeling has been an Altair strength since our beginning. Our dedicated analytics team has developed – and continues to refine – a proven predictive methodology.

Effective predictive modeling starts with good data from multiple sources.

Data with more breadth and greater depth will always outperform a counterpart who uses a single source. That’s why the Altair database is multi-source and leverages three primary areas:

  • Coverage. The more quality variables that can be added to your customer/member file, the better.
  • Quality. The variables used in model development must be accurate, confirmed information. Our competitors often model critical variables instead of applying actual information.
  • Predictiveness. Incorporating predictive data such as behavioral, channel preference, and attitudinal will maximize model performance.

We can build a custom model with your data, our data and our industry-leading processes.

Our database covers 98% of U.S. households and contains more than 1,000 selections; it gives you one of best enhancement tools in the business. We’ll also put your data through our exclusive standardization and hygiene process, so you’ll have quality data to start your custom model.

Shelf models are fast and effective.

Our shelf models can speed time to market and perform for your financial institution. Some of our popular shelf models include:

  • Auto in the market – Consumers/members in the market for a vehicle represent a prime opportunity for financing offers.
  • 30-year refi modelIdentifies homeowners who are 2.5 times more likely to refinance and take advantage of lower rates than non-modeled records.
  • 15-year refi model – Finds homeowners who are 2.5 times more likely to refinance their existing loan to a 15-year loan.
  • Home equity model – Homeowners in this model are three times more likely to secure a home equity loan than non-modeled records.
  • First-time homebuyers model – Identifies potential homebuyers who are likely to purchase a home in the next six months.
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