Analytical & Reporting Solutions

Strategic analytics is both an art and a science. Altair puts both to work for your financial institution.

When marketers rely on mathematicians and statisticians the nuances of strategy can be left out. At Altair, our experienced analysts add insight to the mix – and the result is powerful, user-friendly intelligence that leads to an effective strategy. We’ll:

  • Identify untapped markets and increase cross-sells,
  • Answer the critical marketing questions: Who? What? When? Where? How?
  • Segment your customers/members into distinct “buckets”
  • Provide a roadmap, starting with your top priorities within your marketing strategy

Our analytical tools include:

  • Predictive modeling for retention, attrition, risk and response
  • Customer/Member profiling
  • Response analysis
  • Segmentation/clustering
  • Trade area or rooftop mapping
  • Drive-time analysis

Let Altair’s experienced team go beyond the numbers to improve your understanding of what motivates your customers/members to buy.

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